May 06-08, 2022

Mother’s Day Mayhem

MAY 6-8, 2022

Mother’s Day Mayhem

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New England Baseball Complex & Surrounding Fields



Tournament Notes:

  • 36 Teams (11u – 18 Teams) (12u – 18 Teams)
  • 3 Game Guarantee
  • Championship MVP Award
  • All-Tournament Team Awards
  • Championship & Runner-Up Awards
  • Baseball and Umpires Included


  1. Complete Online Roster Form: Mother’s Day Mayhem Online Roster Submission Form
  2. Ensure all parents complete tournament waiver form: Player Waiver Form – Mother’s Day Mayhem
  3. Opt-In for text updates & forward information to all parents: Opt-In Here
  4. Familiarize all coaching staff with tournament and facility rules (View below in tournament rules and facility rules)





11u 12u

Bandits Baseball Club


Antonelli Gold

2- Sluggers Fury East 2- Bandits Baseball Club
3- Sluggers Fury West 3- North Shore Freedom Red
4- Team Boston DiBella 4- Show New England National
5- MDB Knights Blue 5- Sluggers Fury West
6- Devil Cats 6- Northeast Lions
7- Wolfpack Baseball 7- MDB Knights Blue
8- RBA Dragons 8- NEB NH Black
9- Show New England National 9- NEB NH Gold
10- Nor’Easters Inferno 10- Beantown Bombers Navy
11- Maine Sting 11- Fisherman
12- Prime North Baseball 12- NE Charge Gold
13- Giants Elite 13- NE Charge Blue
14- Bay State Braves Red 14- Maine Sting
15- WM Mountaineers 15- Lebanon Mini 22
16- Jr Woo Sox Ortiz 16- MV Commodores
17- New England Jaguars 17- Bay State Braves Blue
18- Northeast Wildcats 18- New England Jaguars

Tournament Central

Tournament Format

11U Division: 18 Team Tournament (3 pools of 4, 2 pools of 3)

12U Division: 18 Team Tournament (3 pools of 4, 2 pools of 3)

Friday & Saturday Format:

  • All teams will play 2 games on either Friday night or Saturday.
  • Pools of 4:
    • First game will be Team A vs Team B and Team C vs Team D.
    • Second games will be the winner of A vs. B & C vs. D and the loser of A vs. B & C vs. D.
    • After Saturday’s games each pool will have a team 2-0, 1-1, 1-1 & 0-2.
  • Pools of 3:
    • All teams will play each other in a round robin format.
  • Sunday Format:
    • Gold Bracket: Top team in each pool will advance to the Gold Bracket single elimination round.
    • Silver Bracket: Second place team in each pool will advance to the Silver Bracket single elimination round.
    • All remaining teams will play a consolation game.
Tournament Rules
  • Game Time: Starting time is forfeit time unless there is a delay. Game time starts at completion of ground rules. All teams should plan on arriving 30 minutes prior to scheduled start time.
  • Home Team: Coin flip will determine the home team during pool play games. In single elimination round, the higher seeded team will be the home team.
  • Player Minimum: A team must start with a minimum of 9 players but can finish with 8, taking an out in vacated batting position(s)
  • Infield Warm-Ups: All teams are encouraged to warm-up as much as possible before game time. NO PREGAME INFIELD!
  • Pitching Rules:
    • No pitching restrictions. We highly recommend coaches using the Pitch Smart guidelines.
    • There are no warnings on balks.
    • If a balk is called then the play is dead. Each base-runner moves up one base.
    • Pitchers cannot fake to third base; it will be considered a balk.
    • The pitcher must be replaced on the 2nd mound visit per inning or the 3rd mound visit in the game. This resets for each pitcher.
  • Intentional Walks: Coaches simply need to tell the umpire that you are intentionally walking the batter and no longer need to throw 4 pitches. The ball is dead.
  • Time Limit: All games will have a 1 hour 40-minute time limit except for the Championship Game. This is not a drop-dead time limit. No new inning can start after the time limit has been reached. If the home team is up to bat and is winning the game when the time limit expires the game will end at the point of time expiration. If you start an inning before the time limit, you must finish it. Site director is responsible for keeping the official time.
  • Run Rule: 15 runs after 3 innings, 10 runs after 4 innings and 8 runs after 5 innings. Home team always needs to get their last at bat unless they are winning.
  • Extra Inning Rule: Start with bases loaded and 1 out. Last 3 batters from previous inning will be the base runners. Play until you have a winner. There are no ties in pool play.
  • Courtesy Runners: Teams have the option to use a courtesy runner for the catcher or pitcher at any point during the game. This runner must be a player not in the line-up at that time. If you have no players available on the bench, then you can use the last batter from the previous inning.
  • Substitutions/Re-Entry:
    • Re-entry rule. A player can only re-enter in the same batting slot in the line-up. You can never hit in 2 different spots in the line-up during a game.
    • Re-entry for a pitcher: In the event a pitcher is substituted with a pinch-runner or hitter, the pitcher may re-enter the game immediately as long as another pitcher does not throw a pitch. If he re-enters after someone else throws a pitch, he will not be allowed to pitch in that game.
  • Batting Order:
    • The batting order must consist of at least 9 players. Teams can use an EH and a DH in the same line-up. Teams also have the option of using as many EH’s as they want.
    • When you move the EH around in the field you do not have to tell the other team what position he is playing each inning.  You only have to tell the other team if your lineup changes.
    • If a player is injured while using a continuous batting order and that players spot in the batting order comes up, an out is recorded and then they can continue with the batting order.
  • Ejection Rules:
    • A coach or player ejection carries removal from that game only.
    • A coach or player who is ejected for the 2nd time is suspended for the rest of the event.
    • The Tournament Director has the authority to suspend a coach or player for the rest of the event after the 1st ejection based on the severity of the act.
  • Stop in play:
    • If games are not resumed, they will become suspended or called official.
    • If 4 innings have been completed, or 3 ½ innings if the home team is ahead will become an official game.
    • A suspended game will resume where the game was halted.
  • Seedings are determined by the following:
    • Pool Winners
    • Overall Record
    • Head-to-Head.
    • Runs Against then Runs Scored in the 2 games.
    • Runs Against then Runs Scored in first game.
    • Runs Against then Runs Scored in second game.
    • Coin Flip.
  • Bat Rules:
    • Metal/composite bats
    • All bats must have a branding, label, or stamp proving BPF 1.15; length/weight ratio does not matter for this age level
    • USA Bats, BBCOR, and/or Wood Bats are also allowed
    • Effective January 1, 2022, the following bats may not be used in this event:
      • 2015 Demarini CF7 (-5)
      • 2015 Easton XL1 (-5)
      • 2016 Demarini CF8 (-5)
      • 2016 Demarini CF8 (-8)
      • 2016 Demarini CF8 (-10)
      • 2017 All Demarini CF Zen Bats
      • Louisville Slugger Blue Meta Composite (33/30 model only)
      • 2018 Dirty South Kamo BB KA 8 (30/22, 31/21, 32/22, 31/23, 32/24 only)
      • (Easton) Ghost X (30/20 only – USA Baseball Marked)
NEBC Facility Rules
  • No Metal Cleats
  • No Sunflower Seeds or Gum
  • No Smoking
  • No Alcohol
  • No Tobacco Use
  • No Pets
  • No Outside Coolers
  • No Bicycles, Scooters, Roller Skates, or Skateboards
  • New England Baseball Complex is not responsible for any lost or stolen items at the facility
  • Parking is free at the New England Baseball Complex. If additional parking is needed, there will be signs and parking attendants to direct you to the player drop-off and overflow lot
  • Please do not double park or park in unmarked spots. Cars will be towed at the owner’s expense
  • No parking is allowed in the medical building lot. Cars will be towed at the owner’s expense
  • New England Baseball Complex is not responsible for any damage to parked cars
  • First Aid equipment and AED is on-site at all events.
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Championship Game(s) Live Stream Link

Check out the 11u Gold Bracket Championship game between the New England Jaguars and Prime North Baseball: Watch Live Stream Here!


Check out the 12u Gold Bracket Championship game between the New England Jaguar and the Fishermen here: Watch Live Stream Here!